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Marble Blast Ultra Update… finally!

It has been a very long wait but the wait is now over. Our hard work has finally paid off. You heard it here first, the Marble Blast Ultra update is coming. The update includes more…

Marble Extractor, a program we were working on

As you all know by now, we created this website to make the update happen. It still didn’t end up happening despite the hundreds of petition signatures we received on our forum. However, something else more…

GarageGames may patch Single Player to Multiplayer glitch

One of our friends was told by an insider at GarageGames’ that the Marble Blast Ultra dev team appear to be interested in this glitch. For that reason it is quite possible that there will more…

Single Player to Multiplayer

A lot of people are getting bored playing the same multiplayer maps over and over, mainly because the update for the 11 new maps was canceled. Well, a new glitch has been discovered which has more…

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