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Marble Blast Ultra rolls right off of XBLA

Marble Blast Ultra, one of the earliest and most played Xbox Live Arcade games has been removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The game is no longer available for download except for those who have more…

Multiplayer with Dylan Romero, Didi Bethurum and James Wiley

Back in October, 2008 we played a casual multiplayer game on Sprawl and it was great fun. In case you don’t know who they are, Dylan Romero (Dylanr), Didi Bethurum (pachonchi) and James Wiley (DrWiley) more…

Marble Blast and its future

When we first played Marble Blast Gold years ago, it was an instant addiction. It was one of those games you kept coming back to no matter what. More recently, its sequel arrived in the more…

Marble Blast Online new multiplayer maps overview

If you’ve been lucky enough to have taken part in the InstantAction private beta (which is now open to the public), you would’ve by now played the new multiplayer maps that were originally destined for the Xbox 360’s Marble Blast Ultra.

Marble Blast Online!

It has been a while since has been updated, last time it was about which still hasn’t changed. You might have already found out from our forum or somewhere else about the latest more…

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