Everything needs a change once in a while

MarbleBlast.net has been given a makeover which was needed to be fair. We hope the new design betters your experience of browsing the site. A few things are still being worked on so you may run into bugs. Some of you may be wondering if we are ever going to have a forum again. For those of you who do not remember, we removed our forum and started using the Marble Blast Online section at InstantAction’s forum instead, however now that InstantAction has shutdown all posts have been lost. If there is news of another game being developed in the Marble Blast franchise then we’ll consider hosting a forum once again. We would also like to point out that we have created an official MarbleBlast.net YouTube channel. Any videos we have uploaded to other channels in the past will be re-uploaded to our official channel. Any links to old videos in previous posts on this website have also been updated to the newly uploaded videos.

6 Responses to “Everything needs a change once in a while”

  1. TekkieDev23 says:

    Looks awesome! Would be great to see the forum back. Old times :(

  2. Janzsuoli690 says:

    Whoa, happy to see the site is still being watered. New design looks sleek, great work guys.

  3. SnoopZo says:

    It totally sucks how all those topics are in the trash ya know but I get where you’re coming from there’s no need for a forum at the moment. Seriously awaiting any news of MBU2.

    • Crossfire866 says:

      yep it sucks all how all those awesome discussions of ours are lost.. I personally loved reading the heated ones though LOL

  4. shad0w4112 says:

    new makeover looks awesome great work guys just goes to show how much you guys care about the marble blast series and the mb community.

  5. Undoubtly says:

    Still waiting to hear something about a new marble blast, I know it’ll be from you guys. Btw website looks really nice

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