Multiplayer with Dylan Romero, Didi Bethurum and James Wiley

Back in October, 2008 we played a casual multiplayer game on Sprawl and it was great fun. In case you don’t know who they are, Dylan Romero (Dylanr), Didi Bethurum (pachonchi) and James Wiley (DrWiley) are GarageGames’ employees. Watch the video to see some funny action and of course, the winner.

6 Responses to “Multiplayer with Dylan Romero, Didi Bethurum and James Wiley”

  1. SnoopZo says:

    You let a GarageGames employee beat you? -_-

  2. iHeartS says:

    Watch DrWiley from 2.22, he can’t control his Super Speed LOL

  3. Catie Hern says:

    How was Pachonchi only able to collect 2 gems throughout the entire game? O_o

  4. JamesD says:

    Dylan raped you guys. :O

  5. Oo marbl3 oO says:

    watch closely on the 4:00 minute mark faraaz super speeds into that girl to stop her from getting another gem point even though she only has 2 LOOOOL you meany! you could’ve just collected it first instead of hitting her

  6. Snarlz says:

    1:39 that’s hilarious he’s not even tryna collect gems their it’s as if he’s hungry for the people around him lmao.

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