Marble Blast Mobile released

GarageGames and InstantAction are pleased to announce the release of Marble Blast Mobile, created by Luma Arcade for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Marble Blast Mobile is now available in the app store. When you’re ready to purchase just head on over to the product page, and if you’re interested in the background of Marble Blast Mobile check out this blog post by Luke Lamothe, one of the devs from Luma Arcade.


  • The game features 20 single player levels and 10 multiplayer levels
  • Track High Scores and go for the gold!
  • Head to Head matches with up to 4 players
  • 16 different marbles to choose from

3 Responses to “Marble Blast Mobile released”

  1. AnsonX10 says:

    Do you have an iPhone or iPod touch, Farhan?

  2. UrLikeB says:

    MBM is alright but I don’t see myself playing it at all unless I’m out and I’m bored.

  3. snile4i says:

    they should make it for android not just ios but great work by luma arcade

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