New Marble Blast Ultra map packs!

We have recently received news from Bad Habit Software regarding Marble Blast Ultra’s new map packs. They will be rolled out on XBL Marketplace on the 3rd and 24th of December – just in time for Christmas!

19 Responses to “New Marble Blast Ultra map packs!”

  1. basticyelastic says:


  2. Hagaroo says:

    Can’t wait for the new maps! I’m glad they’ll be here relatively soon.

  3. Lachie says:

    Will they cost?

  4. Pizzaguy103 says:

    YES YES YES… been waiting ages. Just as i bought them on mbo aswell.

  5. zoso8 says:


  6. Cjh61197 says:

    Thank you so much! What a wonderful christmas gift ;)

  7. JRONI says:

    I hope the community enjoys these long awaited maps…

  8. badbull says:

    when this game will be free to download in some sites :D

  9. zot says:

    Can´t wait!Cost they wath?

  10. PF says:

    What levels will be included? I didn’t think there were any more un-released, yet previously created ones, so I guess they have actually made more maps?

  11. Mich says:

    On a similar note, InstantAction just made Marble Blast Online free to play and unlocked all of its maps!

  12. Pizzaguy103 says:

    They should release more single player maps

  13. ben says:

    ben want marble blast gold custom i got all gold time on every level and it ses not qolifide

  14. ben says:

    ok i do rely want to do custom a level like macke a level can you do thaat for me on marble blast gold i did all gold time on every level cutom stll ses not qolify

  15. hamyblue says:

    really, are they in the xbox live marketplace. cool!

  16. snile4i says:

    finally! about time. playground <3

  17. pu says:

    have in marble blast online?

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