Marble Blast and its future

When we first played Marble Blast Gold years ago, it was an instant addiction. It was one of those games you kept coming back to no matter what. More recently, its sequel arrived in the form of Marble Blast Ultra. Aside from the fact that it was released for the Xbox 360, it had huge graphical improvements not to mention it ran natively in high definition. Marble Blast Ultra was and still is hugely popular, selling well over 750,000 copies. It’s still in the top 10 most played XBLA games to this day. Sadly, due to a select few individuals the leaderboards mean absolutely nothing because of a glitch which some are taking advantage of, people are now able to obtain top times for levels they do not even need to complete.

It’s now widely known that a Marble Blast Ultra update will be making its way to us shortly. But unfortunately, we aren’t totally satisfied and most likely nor will you be. To put it shortly, we’re getting the new maps except Core (which is being replaced by Concentric) and the Achievements but get ready… no major bug fixes. That’s right. We’re still stuck with the glitches and bugs that people are using to totally ruin this game. Don’t get us wrong, we are very grateful for what we’re getting but the bugs really, really do need addressing.

Whether or not these bugs and glitches get sorted, we still need a Marble Blast Ultra sequel. Given the huge popularity of Marble Blast Ultra and Online, it’s certain that any sequel will be successful and will easily sell. We’re so looking forward to a sequel that we’ve put together a list of suggestions that you will see further on in this article. Our passion and commitment to Marble Blast and GarageGames is huge, hence this whole website. We hope this is taken into deep consideration as there are hundreds of thousands of hardcore fans wishing for a new Marble Blast game.

As you already know, some games eventually lose its appeal and get boring. This is especially the case if a game does not receive updates to keep it fresh or has some serious glitches. The time has already gone by where we no longer have interest due to the amount of glitches that need addressing. It’s great to know the new maps are coming, but Marble Blast Online has them too and it doesn’t have the glitches that Ultra has. We still happily play Marble Blast Online and Marble Blast Ultra however.

In an attempt to get the last possible bit of juice out of Marble Blast Ultra, we coded a program so that we could view and extract the contents of a file named ‘marble.bza’. The program worked very well but we found out that the Xbox 360 uses a very strong encryption algorithm which means it’s impossible for us to rebuild the file for execution on the Xbox 360. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun, we got some interesting files from the .bza file.

So what exactly do we want? We want a Marble Blast sequel to be made which has better graphics as the XNA build of MBU. After seeing the XNA build, we couldn’t take our eyes off it. We instantly fell in love with it. We also want a sequel because of the amount of awesome suggestions we have came up with. We think Marble Blast should no longer be an Arcade game, but rather a full retail game, although now that Microsoft is willing to let high-profile games go above the 350MB limit an Arcade release would also be fine. Please take a look below at our suggestions and ideas. The suggestions are just a compilation of ideas; some are must-haves and some are a bit crazy but we still include them so they get your brain juices flowing.


A new game type which allows players to race in maps which are specifically made for it. The Single Player map Black Diamond is a good example. Also having checkpoints (for big maps) can help users restore their location if they fall off. Watch the video below to see racing in Marble Blast Ultra using the Single Player to Multiplayer glitch.

Team Gem Hunt
Marble Blast should allow teams in multiplayer matches. As a maximum of 8 players are allowed to play simultaneously, a 2 team 4 vs 4 match should be possible and of course any configuration that adds up to 8 players or less. This would surely be very popular and extremely fun.

A simple tag game type where one player is the tagger and has to tag another player in a specified time frame. Each player should start with an equal number of points and the person who must tag should be chosen at random but his points should not deducted, it should start from the person the player tags. Points are deducted if you are ‘it’, or if you fall off the map. Points are added to your score if you successfully tag somebody. All power ups should be available to the tagger and only Super Speed to other players. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the match.

Saving Gameplay Footage (Record Ghost)
Players should be able to record their gameplay in a certain level and then save it if they liked it. The same feature is available in Halo 3 where you can record your whole match. Recording your gameplay would simply be sampling the marble co-ordinates for the duration of your gameplay. Playback would be rendered in real-time as the recorded video is just in fact a file with co-ordinates being read from it.

Marble Arena
Imagine you’re on a map like King of the Marble, and your goal is to knock as many people off within the time limit, the more you knock off, the more points you get, or it could be the last marble standing! This would be one hell of a fun game type.

More surfaces
More types of friction-varying surfaces such as water, sand, tarmac, carpet, bouncy and others. There shouldn’t be any problem implementing these using the Torque/Torque X engine.

Free look
Clicking the right thumbstick (or scroll wheel) should change the camera view so it faces directly upwards. This would definitely be useful when looking around a map.

No modding
Many people see modding controllers as cheating. The maximum speed the marble can roll with a modded controller whilst going perfectly diagonal should be kept the same in the new Marble Blast game. Of course this time the controller should not have to be modded and the speed should be attainable on an unmodded controller.

Multiplayer Time Limit
In multiplayer, the time limit should be variable from a few minutes to unlimited so that lengths of multiplayer matches can be player determined and not dependant on the map being played. This would be done in ‘Custom Games’.

Advanced Statistics
After the game has ended, a more detailed report should be shown for players to see. For example, how many gems collected and which colours. For each player, individual statistics should be available to show how many games they have played in ranked, custom or normal game types. Each player should have points indicating the number of wins they have achieved in the form of ‘experience points’.

– Total collected powerups
– How many times you used Blast
– How many times you collided with other marbles
– How many times you jumped
– How many medals you earned and which ones (using the medals suggestion)
– How many Blues, Yellows and Reds you collected

Host Controls
In Custom Games, the host should be able to change party settings and kick people without having to end the game.

No more auto scrolling. You should be able to use the right trigger or left trigger to scroll up and down through the credits at a decent speed. Also, the credits should have ‘Farhan’, ‘Faraaz’ and ‘’ in there. (Just kidding, <3). New power ups
New powerups would be great to see. There was some coding about a ‘Time-Freeze’ power up which wasn’t included in the game. Although this power up would be a bad idea to place in multiplayer gem collection it would be better to see it in the Race game type.

Improved skyboxes
Seeing big, volumetric 3D clouds going past around the map will give it a realistic feeling. Imagine being hit by a Mega Marble and you get smashed out of the map, straight through the clouds leaving a hole through the impact zone. This definitely needs to be added, believe us! To see an example check this out.

November 12th, 2008 edit: Below is a video posted by Michael Perry showing an awesome sunrise over a Marble Blast map.

Two flags, two teams. Each team has to retrieve the opposite teams’ flag and protect their own. The flag carrier’s marble is visible to all players on their tracking system. To drop the flag, the flag carriers must be hit by the opposite team with a certain amount of force, fall off or be blasted with a certain amount of power and within a certain radius. Gyrocopters and Mega Marbles are unavailable for the flag carriers and flag carriers also roll at a slightly reduced speed. The flag is always pointing up even when rolling in any direction. Once the flag is dropped it has a 5 second return time. Also, if your team member is within a close distance to your own flag, it starts to return quicker (has progress bar) and the more of your team mates the faster it returns.

Might sound silly, but maybe not. It’s like the opposite of Tag. This is obviously inspired by Halo. Everyone starts off at an equal distance away from the ‘Oddball’ power up and the first to pick it up is ‘The One’. For every second that you are ‘The One’ you get 1 point. Everyone else must attempt to hit you, which will make them ‘The One’ or knock you off, which will reset the power up. ‘The One’ should be available in team and individual modes. The marble of the player who picks up the Oddball power up should turn into a different colour and everyone else should have an arrow indication where ‘The One’ is.

Marble Design
More selectable textures and skins. You should be able to choose different textures and colours from a variable RGB colour palette. But the choice of skins should be limited as custom skins would be open to abuse.

King of the Hill
There can be a variety of King of the Hill game types, such as Crazy King, where the hill would move location every few seconds. This would be incredibly fun. We’ve seen this being played by a lot of players except they have an imaginary hill and count the time themselves.

Find that Easter egg!
Have an Easter Egg on every level and have an Easter Egg Time Trial mode that can be included on the leaderboards. The faster you collect it, the higher your rating and rank will be.

Like Rokkitball, players should be able to spectate games. One on Ones are always fun to watch when there are good players competing. It’s also annoying when you get in the way and ruin the match. Due to a glitch in Marble Blast Ultra a few people have actually managed to mimic this idea as you can watch below.

Medals should popup as small icons in the left hand side of the screen. For example, if you reach a high speed, it will display a cool medal for doing so. If you get really high in the air you get a medal with points depending on the height or speed, for example. Also, hitting other players with and without mega marble will earn you points and all these points should be added in total and displayed in the post-game ‘carnage report’ at the end of a match.

Timothy Steven Clarke’s trance is great, but it really gets repetitive. The majority of players who play very frequently turn the music off and just have just the sound effects only. It would be nice if there were a few more tracks and have them play in a random order.

Marble Blast Ultra is known to have some of the easiest achievements. Gamers like real challenges. There are so many great ideas for achievements which can only really be decided when Marble Blast 2 is in development. Below are some achievement ideas.

– Win 15 consecutive ranked matches
– Collect 200 gems in Sprawl, Gem Hunt mode
– Collect 120 gems in Horizon, Gem Hunt mode
– Collect 10,000 total points in Multiplayer
– Get a top 400 score rank in any level (Gem Hunt)
– Get a top 400 rank time in any level (Single Player)
– Collect 40 or more gems in Gem Hunt in under a minute
– Unlocked all marble skins (Get this achievement by completing all single player maps)

Map Designer
You know who he is. The main man. The legend. Alex Swanson’s maps are truly the best and we would love to see him as lead designer again. Please.

User Interface
Let’s see a really nice UI, much better than the previous one. We know you guys can do it.

Service Record
Every Marble Blast player has a service record where you can see detailed reports about them. We made a picture to explain exactly what we mean. Below is a simple one we created to give a general idea to people uncertain as to what we’re talking about. Of course, the UI designers can do a better job but this is just an example.

Note: Suggestions will be added whenever we can think of decent ones.

We hope you like our suggestions and again, take them into deep consideration. We’ve put a lot of hard work and dedication in to this, so it’s great to see your feedback.

99 Responses to “Marble Blast and its future”

  1. Raj Kumar says:

    Amazing suggestions, you guys are soo awesome. I LOVE the service record. Again, you guys have skills ingame and on this website. Ballin’ yo!

  2. Kork3392 says:

    Excellent article, really do love the suggestions. Me and my wife played Marble Blast Ultra a lot, we would really love a second game.

  3. Alex Swanson says:

    Good suggestions – all well thought out and well scoped. If there were a plan being assembled for MB2, it would probably include many of the things you have listed.

    As always your dedication is impressive!

  4. marioking says:

    whoa alex posted. this is awesome, I so want to play oddball in mb2

  5. x D E M O N I C says:

    Great article folks, really did enjoy reading that. You guys are really creative.

  6. JRONI says:

    Thanks for the well thought out post, great presentation and ideas! I do hope that there aren’t TOO many new powerups in the sequel though lol, the KISS principle seems to always work wonders…

  7. BaMB007 says:

    i love these suggestions. i so hope there is a 2nd mb game because i would play it for sooo long just like i play mbu since its release to this day. ive already played on the new maps on instantaction so ..whatever i dont care if theyre being added to mbu.

  8. Frankie says:

    Marble Blast is like a bright piece of reflective glass, once turned over, you see the edge. Bring out the new game, make it the most successful arcade game which Microsoft and gamers can be proud of.


  9. J94930xc says:

    amazing suggestions i so want the spectate one

  10. Valiantfeather says:

    free look is definitely needed. nice suggestions man

  11. crazy enz0 says:

    Nice article. Good suggestions.

  12. iHeartS says:

    Advanced statistics are awesome, this would be a great feature in the game.

  13. Undoubtly says:

    Love the ideas, the spectator mode should be introduced to single player also, to show each other good routes.

  14. Cjh61197 says:

    Wow these suggestions blew me away…I just hope there’s another MBU lol

  15. Imperial says:

    Amazing suggestions….. looking forward to them to be true. :D

  16. Nabi says:

    Definitely looking forward to see these suggestions in the next game (if there is one, I so hope).

  17. Nardo Polo says:

    Really good stuff here. We’ll take it all under advisement as we consider options for the future of MB. You guys rock!

  18. Che3ziT says:

    isnt nardo polo the one who created marble blast!!!? i seen this dudes name on the mbu leaderboards. this is scary :P!

    nice suggestions. i really really want mb2. everytime i play mbu i feel as if its just getting really old now :(

  19. salmander says:

    nardo polo is the one who made marble blast im sure. ive heard his name in the ia podcast when they were talking about bad habit studios. also if you highlight his name is links to his website. so yeh. pretty weird :p

    marble arena sounds soo fun

  20. skorJe494 says:

    All of them suggestions are soo cool.I wish there was a MB2 :(

  21. xSlaYz says:

    This is a great article. It gives some history, some present and some future. You guys have come up with amazing suggestions. I always play this game with my girlfriend, we bought two Xbox 360’s just for Marble Blast Ultra so we could play together… Wait.. how about a suggestion for Splitscreen?!

  22. Catie Hern says:

    Nice pile of suggestions. GarageGames really did a great job with MBO.

  23. malone3669 says:

    good job with the suggestions, loving them, keep em’ comin!

  24. Nels says:

    Very cool. I’m very hopeful that we will get rolling (haha…ehhh) on a substantive MB update very soon. Many of these ideas are already on the short list and I think several more could make the cut.
    Good work!

    Bad Habit Software

  25. Mos30 says:

    soo true about achievements. mbu is the easist game to get achievements.

  26. EliseReldman says:

    Marble Blast Ultra is played a lot in my family, my children play it and my husband plays it. It is a very relaxing game and is also very fun. I read the comments, and as xSlaYz mentioned above, it would be a good idea to add the splitscreen option in a sequel. We only have one Xbox in the house.

    On the other hand, all of these suggestions are superb. It’s also great to know that the actual devs of the game are reading this and posting comments. It just proves they’re interested!

  27. codexx9134 says:

    nice suggestions. team gem collection sounds fun

  28. Zenova says:

    “Saving Gameplay Footage (Record Ghost)”

    I wonder if the development team will even know how to do this? If Halo 3 and Duke Nukem (XBLA) have it I’m sure Marble Blast could? Adding features like these are what makes a game even more popular. This would be amazing.

  29. Lynux says:

    Crazy, just crazy but amazing.

  30. JamesD says:

    I saw a link posted in gametrailer forums with a link to the Marble Blast XNA video on this site. I just read previous posts to understand what’s going on (Yes I made the effort becuase I love this game). I started playing MBU last month and can’t get off it. I also understand why the majority of you want a sequel because you have been playing it for such a long time. A new MBU which looks like XNA will be amazing, probably the most popular arcade game ever with your suggestions.

  31. damien39 says:

    keep the announcements! that british lady sounds HOT.

  32. bvesco says:

    Nice write up. I could really see myself enjoying the tag mode if there were some well designed levels built for it.

  33. curtish40 says:

    setting my own multiplayer time limit would be awesome. i always want unlimited matches :(

  34. SoulReaper says:

    Luvvy these ideas. I hope there is MBU2. :(

  35. KingOfKings says:

    Must of took a lot of time to write those suggestions, especially coming up with them. Good job, really hope these are put in an MB sequel.

  36. basticyelastic says:

    bad habit works on marble blast now? does that means there is more chance for mbu2?

  37. Sonikku says:

    I’ve always wanted Team Games in MBU. Me and my friends just collect as many gems as we can and add them up at the end of the game.

  38. h4$$4h says:


  39. HotSpot says:

    will buy mbu2 if it has all of these idea. i love record film its lik ehalo 3

  40. burgerboi438 says:

    :D i like

  41. CyeOTie says:

    someone posted this on achieve360points, nice suggestions imo achievements for the next should be made wayyyy harder its too easy.

  42. Snarlz says:

    This ‘Revival’ sounds very very cool with all of the new game types and features, but i have a quick question if someone could email me the answers via ( I realy look forward to race, CTF, and new skins and gems. I think if all of this couldd come together in one package, it could be one of the best XBL Arcade games of all time. Keep it coming Garage Games!

  43. konje says:

    Ive always wanted.advanced statistics. nice write

  44. JRONI says:

    downloaded another update just now for mbu!

  45. neinfather says:

    excellent article. love the ideas. keep up the good work mates.

  46. bongsaresongs says:

    ha team collection rules. ill pwn

  47. Mich says:

    You mentioned new skyboxes and graphical effects representing dynamic environments. How does a beautiful sunrise that affects the lighting, shadows, and mapping sound?

    Click my name to go to a Vimeo video showing just that. Looks awesome! =)

  48. crazylofte says:

    mich YOU ARE AMAZING. how did u do that? how do u and farhan have the mbuxna?

  49. Mich says:

    I am not the actual developer. I work at GG and know the team quite well. We send them contract stuff every once in and while. The video demonstrates a cool side project they worked on, but nothing official.

    I have written a similar system for the engine that runs MB, but I’m out of the development game

  50. Liu Huan says:

    Great job with the article – found this posted on Team Xbox including a video of the Marble XNA.

    Mich: I just seen the video you posted. This is amazing as I have only seen the video has posted using the regular green skybox. What you have done is incredible and I really hope you can show us more. There are a few folks at Team Xbox who love the Torque X engine.

    Question: What does it look like if you had the sky all the way round (even under the map)? Who are SickHeadGames? Do they have something to do with Bad Habit?


  51. Crash7800 says:

    I give it a KOWKOWKOW out of kow

  52. Farhan says:

    Thanks everyone for commenting, it just shows that a lot of people are still interested in the game.

    @Mich: I added your video in our article (skybox suggestion). Thanks for showing us.

  53. Tom Spilman says:

    @Mitch – The “Sunrise over MBU” video we posted is just a tech demo for shadows… its just by chance that we also happened to use an MBU level for testing.

  54. Tom Spilman says:

    Bah… the comment format confused me. My previous comment was aimed at Liu Huan. ;)

  55. Cjh61197 says:

    Btw, they should add top 10 game clips like N+ does…

  56. Liu Huan says:

    Tom: So is this the same MBU map you used as the one posted a video of? I remember seeing all tiles as being green but your video contained tiles which were also blue – why this simple change?

    I have never heard of Sickhead – can you explain who they are please? Are you working with Bad Habit? Are you making games for InstantAction?


  57. Saiyajin340 says:

    that video of the real sky is long did it take to make?? will you show us anymore mbu stuff like that even if you just happened to use mbu map?? tom do you work at sickhead?

    it would be even better if u guys can get real marbles while the sunrise is happenign xD

  58. koofter says:

    enjoyed watching that video its amazing. how did u guys get xna? :9

  59. zoso8 says:

    Great article. All ideas would be awesome to have and it would make the game even more addicting!

  60. kamikaze49 says:

    omg cant wait until the update!!!!

  61. salamander says:

    mich that was a very nice video u posted duede

  62. Mich says:

    Let’s see if I can do this in one broad swipe:

    – Again, I was not apart of any of the development.

    – It’ just a tech demo, so you will not see any actual game play elements. This also means it will not be an official release or update to any MB games

    – Sickhead Games is an awesome team (company) of developers responsible for some amazing projects: Be the Dinosaur, Torsion, TGB Adventure Kit.

    – You can learn more about Sickhead at their website or at GG

    @koofter – XNA is completely free to download. They just updated to 3.0, which we will be doing with TorqueX as well.

  63. JamesD says:

    I just saw the video. Mich/Tom, even if this was a tech demo would you be able to do the same thing *yourself*? I would love to see more of this Marble Blast stuff.

  64. spasmman says:


  65. Mich says:

    @JamesD – I wish I could offer ya something else, but that’s pretty much all I got. My focus is on Torque Tech in general, and not any particular game. Any further official MB updates will most likely be shown on InstantAction

  66. curtish40 says:

    mich what do you mean by pretty much all I got? :P surely this means u have some other stuff but just not as cool? :[

  67. Dushine says:

    Great job guys! I really liked your suggestions, the record service would be a great help, those new modes are making feel like getting up and going and helping them make a new MBU (not completely new:P). Those could really improve gameplay hence causing overbooming popularity. I enjoy Marble Blast and really love helping out, I really show my loyalty and dedication to it and would do absolutely anything for it (don’t go too far:P)! I know you great lengends can do it, Alex… A big role in the making of it… GG and all the rest, do as much as possible and I KNOW you can make this happen, we saw you take out an oustanding MB game called MBU… Which is still a growing hit btw despite the glitching… So let’s see you take out another (Which will be hopefully and I know, much easier.). Good luck. :)

    *Thinks he should stop now*
    Gah, I hope this isn’t too much but gah kind of enough. (My dedication is beyong words and please note that :P). Marble Blast FTW!

  68. RoadKill392 says:

    Really look forward to seeing these in MB2 if there is one. :(

  69. birshjou says:

    Hopefully there will be a MBU2, my kids play MBU1 all the time and I am starting to enjoy it myself hence my comment on this website.

  70. VoLuM says:

    nardo polo please make mbu2, it will be the most successful arcade game!! mbu was already a hit!

  71. ferloft says:

    Can anyone tell me when the new maps are ging to be released? I really wanna get that 250 gamerscore

  72. Crys605 says:

    Nice article with some great suggestions. And nice video posted by Mich.

  73. Kork3392 says:

    Great video by Sickhead games demonstrating the shadows. Love it.

  74. Hagaroo says:

    Wow, these ideas are great! If there is a sequel in the works, I really hope they are considered in the planning phase.

  75. JackR says:

    We REALLY need a second game guys.

  76. kakroto says:

    this crazy, good job

  77. Benito says:

    PLZ have teams

  78. AsylumEscapee says:

    I think it would be awesome to have a sticky marble, so that you could climb walls and skip gravity modifiers

  79. crackerhazell says:

    Is MB2 even being made? It’s been so long

  80. AnsonX10 says:

    How about the idea where a hard hit on the ground will have the same effect as a blast, might be a little crazy, but it makes sense.

  81. Yoinhell says:

    I was completely unaware that there was a website completely dedicated to Marble Blast.
    I am completely for the idea of a new MB with every suggestion made!

  82. bryan deng says:

    Cool. I might live more if this is released

  83. hamyblue says:

    mb2 looks like the best marble blast ever! i wish it came out today!

  84. MBOUlitimate says:

    MB2? i did not know a MB2 was being made. im guessing Xbox360 is going to have it. or XBOX360 elite

  85. jasonbernaz says:

    please PLEASE PLEASE make a MB2, i would buy it!

  86. NannyNina4944 says:

    I’m always playing this game with my boyfriend before we go to bed, it’s such a beautiful, relaxing and funny game. Would love it if a new one was released!

    Is that smooth map designed by the same map designer for MBU?

  87. quarkamaster says:

    Would love to see saving gameplay footage, ha.

  88. Aimée says:

    We definitely need another MB game, with all these features I can already see it becoming so popular – just like Halo, except it’s an arcade game. It’s insane. Marble Blast is just too unique! ^.^;

  89. javielsucio says:


  90. McMustard says:

    As I see from the suggestions, the next MB game will be on Xbox 360 again. NO! Please make it for PC too!

  91. dannyeotg says:

    mcmustered it will be on pc too lol

  92. GreeD says:

    MBU2 needs to have Marble Football’.

    its should be either a 3 way (4 single player may become to annoying) or a team of 4vs4 nudging a dead marble(the ball) into the other teams goal.
    No blasting and no jumping( but if u do put in blasting it shouldn’t affect the ball)
    And PUT IN A LVL EDITOR AND MAKER PLEASE and alow us to share our stuff though XBOXLIVE if its not too much trouble.

    thank you for reading I AM GreeD

  93. Xlthuathopec says:

    Just a few ideas for the Service record.

    1: Maybe have the number of Blue/Yellow and red Gems collected in total.

    2: The Best gem Hunt score you have had. e.g Sprawl 295(That is an example score.)

    3: And maybe a Kill/Death count. (Sounds stupid but hear me out.)

    Kills: knocking another player OOB.
    Deaths: Going OOB.(Whether it be falling,knocked or accidental.)

  94. Solidsnipe says:

    Its bean like 4 YEARS since MBU came out. It was a hugely popular arcade game. it was still on the most popular arcade games list up until a few months ago. How can they not be thinking of making a MBU2. If it even had a few of those ideas it would be the biggest game hit EVER! But we can only hope they’re working on a sequel.

  95. korbin7266 says:

    Marble blast Released MBU(Marble Blast Utlra) in 2008, MBU2(Marble Blast Utlra 2) in 2009, And MBU3(Marble Blast Utlra 3) in 2010!~Updates~
    New Marbles, New levels, new games, New Places, and New players!

  96. death rant says:

    there should be replays in the sequal like in trialsHD. This way anyone could learn tricks in multiplayer from watching pros or see other people’s route to top times.

  97. Marbler From the Future says:

    Anyone reading this in 2016?

  98. Marbler from the past says:

    June 2016 and still wanting this to be back on xbox one or scorpio etc

  99. Missing His Marbles says:

    Also waiting for this to be back on Xbox One… Backwards Compatible at the very least!!!

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