Marble Blast Ultra Update… finally!

It has been a very long wait but the wait is now over. Our hard work has finally paid off. You heard it here first, the Marble Blast Ultra update is coming. The update includes all of the new maps that you see on Marble Blast Online at InstantAction. That is Playground, Marble It Up!, Bowl, Blast Club, Concentric (in place of Core), Promontory, Spires, Triumvirate, Vortex Effect, and Ziggurat.

If you’ve never played these maps before you can read our overview of them here.

Not only will we be getting the new maps, we will also be getting more Achievements worth 50 gamerpoints which will be tied in with the maps. Leaderboards will not be reset, this update only contains minor bug fixes.

Watch our trailer for the upcoming Marble Blast Ultra map pack below. Unfortunately we forgot to include Concentric.

8 Responses to “Marble Blast Ultra Update… finally!”

  1. AnsonX10 says:

    Will it cost money to download?
    If not, I’ll hve to download it on GearHaro’s 360.
    (GearHaro is my neighbor’s username on IA.)

  2. AnsonX10 says:

    This update is probably the result of the transfer to Bad Habit Software. :D

  3. Fatal Pengwyn says:

    yay and not yay!

    yay for new maps and 50+ gs!

    not yay for resetting leaderboards. this really sucks for us that are still legit. i have to freakin’ do EVERYTHING AGAIN! i don’t wanna get a 1.40 at cube root again. that took me forever. but w/e. i think my MBU addiction will return with this. woot!

  4. topcheesehead says:

    thank god!!! i guess i will do all the levels over again, its not like i have anything better to do

  5. Snarlz says:

    Is the multiplayer leaderboards going to be reset?

    If you compare marble blast with someone you can see the 3 new achivments. BLue Gem Collecter, Master of Spires, and another I cant remember. But this looks realy cool.

    When dose it come out officialy?

  6. Pizzaguy103 says:

    When are the new maps out?

  7. Fatal Pengwyn says:

    aww no leaderboard reset? i was actually starting to look forward to it. whatever. still can’t wait!

  8. zoso8 says:

    I think everyone is getting anxious!

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