Marble Extractor, a program we were working on

As you all know by now, we created this website to make the update happen. It still didn’t end up happening despite the hundreds of petition signatures we received on our forum. However, something else happened, InstantAction was made allowing everyone who didn’t own an Xbox 360 to be able to play Marble Blast Ultra (now named Marble Blast Online) with all the new updates and experience the fun.

We eventually got bored of rolling around in one map and ended up thinking of new ways to bring more fun to MBU. Not a gametype, not tricks, but to hack the game so we can get access to the files.

We coded a program that could open up a file named ‘marble.bza’, this was the core MBU file which had everything packed inside it. With our program we extracted all the files within that core file. However, the problem we had was to rebuild the marble.bza file and keep its signature encryption the same but due to Xbox Live being so secure we couldn’t, otherwise we would’ve been able to edit the files and then play a modified version of MBU on our Xbox 360. We instead just played around with the files to see what really went into making MBU. Below are a few pictures for your interest.

Interesting things we found:

  • Unused Sound files (some used for MBO, such as tim_trance)
  • Unused Images
  • Some useless coding
  • Some things we can’t share

9 Responses to “Marble Extractor, a program we were working on”

  1. JasonB3RT says:

    holy cow can I have some files?!

  2. AnsonX10 says:

    I’ve seen about almost all those unused files, like the unused super jump which could have been used then mega marble and super jump would not have the same sound.

    But MBO probably has some of the useless files removed.

  3. iDreamr says:

    Look’s like a cool project however it would’ve been better if you could make it work back on the Xbox 360. Still cool though.

  4. uN MontR says:

    nice project, its pretty cool how you can see all the .cs files

  5. dangerous cutie says:

    i play this game with my boyfriend all the time we also wanted an update to come out its nice to see you guys have had fun hacking the game

  6. MNoDifference says:

    i want to see modified levels :(

  7. Smiley says:

    It’d be nice for GarageGames to release MBU2 on the Xbox 360 and not just IA, that would keep SmileyGirl off Halo 3!

  8. hamyblue says:

    really?! i wish icould have those files.

  9. jessenic says:

    Where can I get the extractor? I know how I can get files out of xbox 360. I have an idea what I am going to do with those and Marble blast gold files…

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