Time to go shopping

If you’ve been wondering what those mysterious ActionTokens you have in your account are used for, now’s the time you find out.

As of March 27, these ActionTokens can be spent on locked items in InstantAction. In the case of Marble Blast Online, this translates to:

  • 10 new multiplayer maps
  • Many brand new marbles and also the ones from Marble Blast Ultra
  • Or if you want it all, the Bundle Pack

Aside from Marble Blast Online, in other games you can purchase various premium in-game items as well as new levels and such. You also get special site privileges, allowing you to invite a friend who does not own the premium content that you do.

If you’ve already spent your 500 free ActionTokens and you are in need of some more, then fear not – you can get some more. In InstantAction, simply go to ‘Profile’ then click the ‘Buy’ button next to your ActionToken count. You can buy 600 ActionTokens for $4.99, 1800 ActionTokens for $14.99 and 3000 ActionTokens for $24.99.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some new marbles!

One Response to “Time to go shopping”

  1. GeOmIstRy says:

    ah i was wondering what the token were for, 500 is quite low, i might go for the 1800 tokens deal. thanks for letting me know

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