Recent downtime

You may have experienced problems when accessing these past two weeks. It was because the domain needed renewing. Thankfully, that’s out of the way. However, due to the aforementioned server problems we lost our recent content. The good news is that it was only one article. The bad news is that it was the Marble Blast Online multiplayer maps overview.

Because GarageGames likes us more than you (we’re kidding), they’ve sent us the Marble Blast XNA Demo. It’s more like an extension to what most of you have seen before – some more footage of that XNA build of MBU running on the Torque X engine. We’ll be posting some videos and pictures of MBU XNA in a few hours, so keep checking back.

7 Responses to “Recent downtime”

  1. JefferyHO says:

    Aww what the hell! I wanted to read that article, I was linked to it by a friend and one of the main reasons was to read Alex’s comment! I heard a few devs commented! I hope you can get it back soon!

  2. JamesD says:

    Lucky enough I read that overview before it went down – really looking forward to the XNA stuff though, I’ve seen two videos of it already by Tim Aste on YouTube, love it.

  3. MarBall444 says:

    bad news i guess. look forward to the mbu xna

  4. ChrisHugh says:

    I’d like to see the XNA build, plus the maps overview.

  5. Ooke220 says:

    I MISSED IT?! Damnit. I wanted to read the overview.

  6. SpartanMS30 says:

    Kool. Keep up the great work, can’t wait.

  7. LINKx12 says:

    That Map overview was a good one. I miss it also :(

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