Marble Blast Ultra, the XNA port tech demo

As promised earlier, we now present to you a video clip and some screenshots of the XNA build of Marble Blast Ultra running on the Torque X engine. We were given the Marble Blast XNA Demo by GarageGames and we are very grateful! This beautiful map was created by Alex Swanson from GarageGames – dude, like remind me to get his autograph later.

Marble Blast Ultra XNA Marble Blast Ultra XNA Marble Blast Ultra XNA Marble Blast Ultra XNA Marble Blast Ultra XNA Marble Blast Ultra XNA

45 Responses to “Marble Blast Ultra, the XNA port tech demo”

  1. SpartanMS30 says:

    HOLY COW, JUST WOW. That map is lovely! Looks like a map I’ll love to use mega marble on :P

    I like the new rounded structures and floors, looks lovely. Can’t wait for the pictures. What resolution are they, the same as the video?

  2. JamesD says:

    I kept freshing 360 live, you guys made me spend extra time at work now! Bummer – but W00T, it was worth the wait. Excellent video, love the bridge in the middle and the high platforms, looks perfect for a gyrocopter! please post the pictures, I want to see them :D

  3. Ooke220 says:

    yep, was also refreshing here as we were told it’ll be up in a few hours in the previous post. beautiful map, I didn’t know guys name who created the map, but I do now. i hope he makes more for whenever a next marble game is released. :)

  4. Alex Swanson says:

    This level was done as a test to experiment what could be done by abandoning the DIF format and supporting full polysoup collision with levels exported from Maya.

    As it turns out, quite a lot can be done.

    Unfortunately at this time, only the XNA port of Marble Blast supports the polysoup level – but as you can see it adds some incredible options to level building. And that is just one experiement, I am sure that even more cool forms for marble interaction have yet to be unlocked.

  5. Evildude131 says:

    That rocks! Those dead marbles, are they NPCs?
    I can’t wait for it. Beautiful. DUDE! (alright… dudeS) Keep playing it, and don’t ever lose hope!

  6. ChrisHugh says:

    Ahhhhhhh Alex! Why did you use Maya and not 3DS Max, isn’t it better?

    I love that video. The lighting is just awesome, when he jumped I saw the shadows go around the egde of a platform like it would in real life. Is this the torque x engine doing this? If so, it’s awesome.

  7. Primeval says:

    Dude, that is like totally sweet! I wanna play this so badly…

  8. DidiBrazil says:

    Is it me or do I see a new set of tile textures? I like how it makes the map look less repeative, nice idea. Love this map.

    One question to Alex: Do you also make the placements for the Gems and Powerups?

  9. JasonLief says:

    Heh liking the moves you did there. Gravity seems be slightly stronger in my eyes. What about anyone else?

    I like the flooring a lot, I can imagine being 1 foot away from a Gem and someone pops up with mega marble directly ahead of me! That would be scary, thats why I love the high and low ground.

  10. Evildude131 says:

    It’s like Super Mario Galaxy… except you don’t have to save a Princess marble. But, wow, the curves make it look and play… a hellavalot better.

  11. TheMBUKarma says:

    Liking the smooth curves. I am seriously hoping this map will be released in MBU2 and allows more than 8 players.

  12. JeffreyHO says:

    w00t, now that’s what I’m talking about. It’s been 9 hours since the pics were going to be added? :(

  13. CanJanKOO says:

    awesomasouras map! i bet thats in mbu2 for sure :P

    whats polysoup?

  14. DenJenkin says:

    such a kickass map and something i hope to see in a marble blast game!

  15. MoudaG says:

    totally gives me the craps. awesome map

  16. SarahC says:

    Me and my husband played MBU a lot against each other (two Xbox 360’s), we played it for about a year but we’re starting to get bored as there have been no new maps. I heard about Instant Action from your website in a previous post, I love how we can now play against each other on our laptops, it’s immense and insanely fun. By viewing this video, we are excited for Marble Blast Ultra 2. Please keep it coming! :D

  17. MISTERC101 says:

    Thats what i love about this site. every so often it has content to show us or some interesting read. Fansites are so awesome.

    i noticed the “pictures will be added within a few minutes” has still not changed

  18. CrunchPurp says:

    Wow, those pictures and the video is just awesome.

  19. GoodGameJASE says:

    rofl @ sarah c’s comment. lovely huge pictures!

  20. J0l0RI555 says:

    Interesting pictures – I would love it if you could possibly make us some wallpapers.

  21. Phoxtrot says:

    awesomely awesome. the colours look so much better than mbu. By the way, when you were on that lumpy hill, why did you not move the ball at all? Was it to show that the ball will move itself due to the realistic physics?

  22. Danni says:

    Heading off to work in a few minutes but thought I’d check this out, was referred by a friend – loving the map. I’ve never played on InstantAction before, but reading the comment by SarahC makes me want to join. I guess I’ll try it out when I’m at work.

  23. G4-TiNi says:

    that map must of took forever to make!

  24. CLuisMasher says:

    haha now this is what i call art… ive never seen such a better arcade game than mbu

  25. JasonBaker says:

    I like the smooth curves and the marbles look much more realistic.

  26. tiago-silva says:

    Amazing screenshots and amazing video, i’d love to see more!

  27. EmilyClarke says:

    I used to play Marble Blast Ultra a lot, but have stopped. I didn’t know about InstantAction, will check it out later today. Lovely pictures!

  28. staceyrendelles says:

    Beautiful game. I play MBO around 1-3 hours a day. But by looking at this map, God knows how many hours I’ll be up since these new maps will all be smooth and awesome. Excellent work alex!

  29. Haroon says:

    Love the map, love the whole MB series. Nice work.

  30. Kenny says:

    Superb work on the map by Alex! I like how the guy in the video nearly fell off in that square hole but saved himself by the wooden poles heh.

  31. Ryan says:

    That was AMAZING!!!
    supurb map
    awesome version of the game
    where can i get this!?!?!

  32. forest4you says:

    Running on no code whatsoever? Crazy, CRAZY DUDE.

  33. Alex Swanson says:

    @ChrisHugh: Maya and Max have their strengths and weaknesses each. Either one could be used to make polysoup levels.

    @DidiBrazil: I did placement for the gems and powerups in MBU, yes. There are not any powerups in the TorqueX Demo, and only a few gems that don’t actually score you any points.

    I am glad everyone liked the demo, and thanks for your kind words about the map. I encourage you all to come play MBU on InstantAction if you have not yet done so.

    Note that this Map is not a map for the current IA version of Marble Blast, but a tech demo of what will be possible in future games. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to release the map as part of a future version!

  34. iBall says:

    That is one complicated looking level! Too bad it’s only a tech demo.

  35. Simon4L4S says:

    First of all: AWESOME MAP. Secondly, HI ALEX! :D

    I have a question, will all maps in the future title be smooth? (If there will be one, that is). In the video I saw a glance of the wooden beams and noticed the structures that hold the main fat beam which the marble jumped on arent smooth, theyre more of a diamond shape. Can they not be rounded?

  36. JasonLee says:

    Alex: “Hopefully we’ll get a chance to release the map as part of a future version!”

    Wow, I really do hope this map is in the future version because it totally kicks ass. But it seriously needs more than 8 players. :'(

  37. JSeattleFTW says:

    alex im loving the map totally!
    how long did it take you to make?

  38. Jamaal says:

    Complex map! I like how you can go so high and low. It’s totally different from every other map.

  39. Yshlaw3330 says:


  40. FearItSelf says:

    That map is lovely, looks like a map made for skill.

  41. nibbler234 says:


  42. iBall says:

    Nibbler calm down, they’re friends with GG or so I’ve heard.

  43. RonShoawl says:

    That is what you a call a decent map. I played MBU a lot, tons of fun, I’m now playing MBO on the new maps, tons of fun. But looking at this, all these beautiful curves makes me high. Dudez..

  44. zot says:

    Give it MBU for PC?

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