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Note: This map overview has been fully re-written due to our recent loss of content which included the original article. Not only was the article lost, but also comments made by many people including GarageGames team members.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have taken part in the InstantAction private beta (which is now open to the public), you would’ve by now played the new multiplayer maps that were originally destined for the Xbox 360’s Marble Blast Ultra. Farhan and I have actively taken part in this beta and we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This article shares our experiences and may answer some of your unanswered questions regarding Marble Blast Online. Our experiences were from our 1 on 1 battles which took place in all new multiplayer maps.

Blast Club

Our first game and a perfect start for me, a win. When playing this map, I kept the name in mind as I thought it would help me – and it did. I had to constantly blast Farhan off the map to keep him away from the gems as I had no other means of doing so. I could tell it was frustrating him very much but that’s what made it more satisfying. Farhan did very well at times to keep on the map and managed to get the blue gem before I had a chance to blast him but I triumphed in the end.

Blast club is a small and symmetrical map in the shape of a cross. Taking up most of the centre, there are four slopes which lead up to a tower with a drop back down to the ground. The drop leads you to a round bowl region underneath the tower. Above the drop on top of the tower is where the blue gem spawns. At the beginning of each of the four slopes, you’ll find Super Speeds placed. These are particularly useful for those blue gem spawns and it’s always helpful to keep one handy. This map can get a bit hectic with all 8 players because you can get blasted off with ease.


A very fast paced match between me and Farhan. He did not seem to make any mistakes during any of his gem collections and so he took a nice lead quite quickly, but I soon caught up to a few points behind until the blue gem suddenly decided to appear, and by then it was too late – Farhan had an unassailable lead and he took the game.

Bowl is a medium to large size map designed for full speed gem collecting. Think of it as the multiplayer version Marble Blast Ultra’s Black Diamond. Each gem is a yellow and you get the odd blue gem. You have to be very careful not to go too fast in this map because you’ll either fly out, or simply bounce too high and waste too much time. This map is great fun with all 8 players because each gem spawn is a mad rush to the nearest Super Speed or gem set.


Let me first start off by saying that both Farhan and I are not fans of gravity modifiers in multiplayer. Battle Cube was our least favourite Marble Blast Ultra map and it’s our least favourite Marble Blast Online map. Don’t get is wrong, this map is not awful, it’s just an opinion we both share about maps like these. With that being said, it would be obvious that this match would not turn out to be a thriller. We barely saw each other in the map! We basically took our own territories and camped there until gems spawned by us. In the end, I was the one who pitched my tent in the best location and I won the match.

Core is a medium to large sized map and the only new map to contain gravity modifiers. This map contains many, many gravity modifiers. The map is very much cubic and we thought the name ‘Battle Cube’ from Marble Blast Ultra would be more appropriate for obvious reasons. Both Farhan and I did not enjoy playing in this map because the gems were always spread out very far and it was quite hard locating them as you had to go through a lot of gravity modifiers before they come into view. This map was definitely our least favourite.

Marble It Up!

Farhan was back into action again and he played very well from the start, as did I. The game was very close and none of us made any mistakes throughout the game. It was Farhan’s edge over speed and gem collection that won him the game, but overall a very close game.

Marble It Up! is a medium to large sized map. Marble It Up! is a chaotic map and very much up and down everywhere you go. There are bridges and angular platforms placed all around the map. In the centre of the map, you’ll find a spire thing and wooden sticks with powerups on etc. Be careful because there are holes in the platform around the map that will cause you to reset your position.


Another close game and just as all hope for me seemed to had faded away, a blue gem appeared and I immediately took it with only 10 seconds left. With the scores equal, it was a race to the nearest yellow gem and we were both out of blast. We had a selection of gems to choose from but we chose the same one and the fight to get there was truly epic. What seemed like a long time was actually only 5 or so seconds and we had to get our jumping patterns spot on to get to the gem first. With only 2 seconds left, we were neck in neck and there was no way to tell who would get there first. No sound, game over. Farhan collected the gem and the game ended and I carried on breathing after what was a fantastic game that could have gone either way.

Playground is a small sized map which is almost symmetrical. On either end you have icy gem spawn locations. In the middle is a curved icy surface, again, where gems spawn with three wooden slides leading up to it on each side. In the middle area on the sides, you also have slopes leading up to the curved icy surface and you will also find that the blue gem spawns on the slopes.


So we took a break after the Playground match and talked about it for a few minutes and then got back into InstantAction (see what I did there?). I didn’t want to lose again so I concentrated fully. The game was full of funny instances such as when both Farhan and I spun off the map ridiculously fast and just missing the gems. Despite the fun we had, I won the game (just) and it was another win on my list.

Promontory is a medium sized map consisting of angular platforms, towers and underground areas. Much of the surface is covered in grip so you must have good control of your marble and its spin or you’ll find your self in all sorts of trouble. The map is very fun to play in because it’s quite unpredictable. You might get gems spawning underground or the complete opposite side and it’s always funny when you see someone suddenly zip off the map because they’re spinning too much. On top of the two towers (as shown in the screenshot) there are hidden powerups, but whether you’ll have enough time to get up there and collect them is up to you. Overall, this map is excellent to play in and you’re sure to have a lot of fun in this one.


From what I’d heard about this map, it had got me quite nervous because I was playing someone like Farhan. I knew I couldn’t make any mistakes in this game or else I would suffer the consequences. Luckily, I didn’t make too many mistakes but Farhan’s sheer skill made him play flawlessly. Some of the tricks he put together were incredible and unfortunately none of our games were recorded. I didn’t lose by a lot of gems but a loss is a loss at the end of the day.

Spires is a medium sized map with the skilled players in mind. This map consists of many grippy quarter-pipes and awkward platforms where gems spawn. Good use of powerups and good marble controlling skill is required to succeed in this map. If you don’t control yourself in this map, you’ll find yourself colliding with a block every few seconds and getting very frustrated. If you make use of the quart-pipes in this map, you can chain together some very impressive moves and some good old gem swooping.


I was totally outclassed in this map. Farhan was showing his true self with crazy perfect edge pops and chaining 3 or more tricks to flawlessly collect the gems. He was doing tricks and moves I never thought would be possible on a keyboard and he didn’t stop until the game ended. The score? Well, I do not wish to reveal it – although Farhan wouldn’t mind telling anyone.

Triumvirate is a medium to large sized map which has multiple levels of platforms to roll on. Triumvirate is a rather complicated map and therefore it takes some skill to be play well in it. Use of powerups is a must in this level otherwise you will be left behind. Always keep a Super Jump with you at all times because you never know on which level the gems will spawn.

Vortex Effect

I played very well in this map despite falling off many times. My use of powerups and marble control won me the game over Farhan. I managed to squeeze in some nice edge pops and chained together some good tricks during the game. Again, not one of our favourite maps but decent nevertheless.

Vortex Effect is a medium to large map which will immediately remind you of Gems in the Road. In the middle area is an odd structure with four slopes leading up to each other. This map can get quite annoying as you find yourself falling off the map a lot when the gems spawn far away. This map is definitely better with more people as it feels empty with just the two of us.


Our final game and another exciting game. We both did a lot of slick moves and the score was tight throughout. Our marble control and use of powerups was perfect as we both seemed to arrive at the gems at the same time. That was soon to change though as I lost my concentration in the last minute and Farhan held on for a comfortable win.

Ziggurat is a medium sized map consisting of uneven terrain such as pyramids and inverted pyramids. In the centre of the map is a little ‘mountain’ with an icy slope where gems tend to spawn. The outer edges of the map have upward sloped platforms much like King of the Marble to stop you from leaving the map. Again, good control is required to stop you from bouncing in the wrong spots.

So that’s our overview of the new Marble Blast Ultra maps. You may be thinking ‘Wait, that was 10 maps wasn’t it?’. Well, don’t bother scrolling up to recount the list because you’re right. We think GarageGames have included Marble City in the list of 11 new maps because there have been some modifications to it. Compared to the Marble Blast Ultra version, this one is a lot easier for new players as you have slopes connected to different areas and such. You also have the area where two yellow gems spawn now have a blue gem spawning above them which must be accessed using a lot of blast or using a powerup. It’s still a great map to play in but we don’t think it should be classed as a ‘new’ map.

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  1. Kenny says:

    Glad you posted it back! Seems better than the last one.

  2. Alex Swanson says:

    Glad to see the article back! It is unfortunate the original was lost.

    There was some controversy over whether or not to include Core in the additional maps – it definitely onlt appeals to those who love gravity challenges – and we have a few such people around the office, so the pressure was on to give them something more mind-bending than battle-cube!

    I think that Spires is the true ultimate test for advanced marblers – it requires a great amount of precision and knowledge of all the movement powerups as well as excellent marble control. I hope everyone enjoy it and all the other maps.

  3. Lachie says:

    Ohh cool, this morning I found Marble it up! on the XBL marketplace :D

    I don’t know how long its been there.

    Please keep posting levels whoever does this. They are awesome.!

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