Marble Blast Online, Sprawl tricks

Well guys and girls, I’ve finally completed my Sprawl tricks video. The reason I chose Sprawl is because it’s the most popular map and because of the range of tricks you can perform on it.

In this video you will see the most basic and common tricks performed that are useful in a match. The rest, which aren’t included in the video require practice and learning and some of them are mainly for show. But if you’re a pro playing against n00bs, using the more advanced tricks would be better because you’ll eventually perform them flawlessly from practicing. I hope you will learn and use these tricks. In the video you will see how I perform my tricks – the way I bounce off walls, edge pop and how I try to use every object to my advantage. I only show around 70 or so but there are well over 100.

18 Responses to “Marble Blast Online, Sprawl tricks”

  1. Sooprman says:

    whoa nice tricks dude i could learn a lot from that video :D

  2. Krish says:

    You are truly incredible. I’m going to play right now and see if I can do any of those!!

  3. Kenny says:

    Jesus… Christ.

  4. forest4you says:

    Absalutely incredible. How did you think of such tricks? amazing.

  5. Tuck3r says:

    Oh wow, I remember playing you in MBU, I got my ass kicked. Now I know why, holy crap.

  6. TisSprateh says:


  7. 321FeelMyGun says:

    that is just friggin ridiculous but at the same time i wish i was this good :(

  8. Simon4L4S says:

    :OOOOO inredible.

  9. JasonLee says:

    Superb tricks. I just don’t know how you can do that while playing a normal game, you really are an incredible player.

    I hope you release tricks for other levels as well.

  10. JSeattleFTW says:

    nice trix

  11. hobo says:

    sorry dude but i dissagre with wat u say in the text, plus 100% of thouse tricks are made buy other players so u should give all them credit

  12. Oo Wo0dY oO says:

    i havnt even watched this video, and no doubt by the time i have half of them will be mine lmao, lets see if this noobs improved haha

  13. Oo Wo0dY oO says:

    wow he still hasnt improved amazing, all those tricks have been done 1000 times by me, hobos, acid, jroc, apple n other decent players, lol who cares tho, noob

  14. KorK says:

    Excellent tricks, I didn’t know any of those as I just recently started playing MBO. I’ve seen you on the leaderboards.

    @Hobo: I don’t see how the person would credit people? Tricks are not copyrighted by people, they are made as you play by your own mind. So saying ‘give credit’ is just being immature.

    @Woody: I’m pretty sure this video was for newbies like me, not advanced players like yourself or other people who have been playing MBU for a long time.

  15. Oo Wo0dY oO says:

    kork, you are right it is for noobs like yourself, but also when people nick certains tricks which u cant just think oh il do that, it happens accidently and then credits themself, it means that they want respect from noobs like yourself from things they didnt do, ironic eh?

  16. Koning Pinguin says:

    Gotta love that little woody kid.

  17. Goldeneye says:

    “It’s something that I have to do…I feel like owning” haha love it dude

  18. Oo Wo0dY oO says:

    the 1 that rapes u at every game u own, yep gota love him.

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