Single Player to Multiplayer

A lot of people are getting bored playing the same multiplayer maps over and over, mainly because the update for the 11 new maps was canceled.

Well, a new glitch has been discovered which has just added weeks of more fun!

FastHobolicker, ranked number one on the multiplayer leaderboards has just found a way to make the Single Player maps playable on the Multiplayer game type. However, gems do not spawn and there is no time limit. This is a great way to help others with Single Player times and also to have fun, such as racing down Black Diamond and trap launching on certain levels etc. However, this glitch may cause damage to the leaderboards.

6 Responses to “Single Player to Multiplayer”

  1. Oo SledGe oO says:

    Woohoo!!!! Someone send me an invite when I get on live!!

    GT: Oo sledGe oO

  2. Anoymonus says:

    How tha Fuck U Do This???

  3. Hentie says:

    Nice! Just saw it on Youtube before I came on here.

  4. dgknight502 says:

    how do u sign the petition

  5. xBx Austin xDx says:

    Awsome. I signed the petition. Me want know so bad :(

  6. Sanjo says:

    Okay this requires two people: (they should be in private chat)

    The first person needs to create a singleplayer match and finish it, but once it says “completed press a to continue” don’t press anything and sit there

    Meanwhile the second player creates a match, it must be him and no one else. He doesn’t actually start the game but just sit in the lobby. Then he has to invite player #1.

    Player #1 tells player #2 to end the match right after he joins.

    Player #1 gets into the lobby, it’s just him. He can’t touch any settings, and can’t change the level. Also Player #1 can now invite friends.

    Once he starts the match it is your single player level intead of the one that was selected. The problem is that player #1 cant move and still appears at the lobby, yet everyone else is in the game. He can still boot people and can see his marble in the background.

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