GarageGames may patch Single Player to Multiplayer glitch

One of our friends was told by an insider at GarageGames’ that the Marble Blast Ultra dev team appear to be interested in this glitch. For that reason it is quite possible that there will be a patch released to fix it. Does this mean they will also fix general glitches, such as crashing servers and faked leaderboards? Or maybe even release the 11 new maps that Alex Swanson had created for multiplayer? Let’s just hope, wait… and find out!

4 Responses to “GarageGames may patch Single Player to Multiplayer glitch”

  1. Sanjo says:

    And you found this, how?
    It could be a “Let’s let them keep it, we don’t wanna change it right now ” thing..?

  2. DJ RaX says:

    Because obviously 360 Live has contacts with GG.

  3. Come on.... says:

    How about a source for these news? Highly unprofessional!

  4. GodLikeJC says:

    Oooh this should be interesting hope they make the maps for us . like the new site

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