IBSOLOADED releases his first video, shows a route to Skyscraper

We’re pretty sure you know who he is. Ranked 1st three times on the Marble Blast Ultra Single Player Total Leaderboards. We’ve all wanted to know how he pulls his times off and what routes he uses for those times. Well today we found out. IBSOLOADED is one of the best Single Player players out there. Watch the video to see his route to Skyscraper.

2 Responses to “IBSOLOADED releases his first video, shows a route to Skyscraper”

  1. GodLikeJC says:

    that video was crazy , im never going to get a time like that, i liked the suspensse in the video as well , great job ibsoloaded

  2. ROZZON says:

    I have noticed your gamertag poping up in quite a lot of leaderboards and i was wondering DO YOU HAV A LIFE???

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