Marble Blast Ultra – The Revival

Welcome to Marble Blast Ultra – The Revival, a new campaign by Marble Blast fans.

If you can set your minds back three or four months, you will remember the devastating news quietly revealed on a developer’s blog pretty much confirming that the eagerly awaited Marble Blast Ultra update was not to be released. We’re now into April of 2007 and sadly there’s still no news on the update. However, we’re looking to change that and we need yourhelp.

From what we know already, the update has already been made and released to Microsoft. What we don’t know is why the update wasn’t put out on Xbox Live. So, we’re calling fans of Marble Blast Gold and Marble Blast Ultra to help us on our quest for information and ultimately the quest for the update. But wait, it doesn’t stop there…

The success of Marble Blast Ultra on the Xbox 360 is clearly evident by the number of fans and their dedication to this game. This game is one of the most successful on Xbox Live and a Marble Blast Ultra 2 is almost guaranteed to sell to many people, especially since the rapid growth of users on Xbox Live.

So, in addition to the update, we want to know anything about a possible new Marble Blast game which we hope is currently in the works using the Torque X engine. If you would like to help us (and of course the whole Marble Blast community), please get in contact with us.

6 Responses to “Marble Blast Ultra – The Revival”

  1. JRONI says:

    Signed and BRING IT ON!!!!!

  2. MIU says:

    Let’s see some new stuff GG, if you dare…

  3. JayG30 says:

    Signed up and would also love to see more from this game!

  4. Kaeporo says:

    I don’t care if the update costs money. If Microsoft wants to make some of their money back from the Xbox project then let them.

    The only thing worse than microtransaction abuse is stopping microtransactions.

  5. kurtcobain5980 says:

    Bring out the update! We’ve all waited long enough and have actually paid for the game… so there for if there’s a fault that needs fixing, it should be fixed… ie the scoreboards!
    As for the maps!!! YAY!!!

  6. superfly777 says:

    Its been a LOOOOOOONG wait for all of us who love this game to start playing on some new maps. Many thanks to all who have developed some new routs to add some life come back to this great game. Come on Garage Games you know the success of this game and almost 2 years is too long for something new to arrive, be it a new map pack or a whole new edition.

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